Who is appropriate?

  • Individuals with knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, or ankle replacement
    • Anyone looking to improve strength/stamina
    • Connect with others who have had a joint replacement

  • Candidates for knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement or ankle replacement
    • Goal for patients before surgery
      • Lose weight
      • Gain strength/endurance

  • Family members wanting to support those who have undergone joint replacements
    • Recognize & support family members for all their hard work

Mission + Vision

"Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most important components in improving our health. This walk was designed to encourage those individuals with joint replacements to get out and support each other while working towards improving their overall health."

One of the most important goals of participating in this event is the ability to improve your own strength and stamina before or after undergoing a total joint replacement. Therefore, proper aerobic conditioning before participating is of the upmost importance. We would love to tailor a specific conditioning program to help you reach your goals. If interested, click here to contact one of our representatives.

In order to participate, medical clearance from your medical professional is required.




To promote well-being and inspire individuals with joint replacements to lead active healthy lifestyles

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